We avoid the bureaucracy of larger organisations and keep our management structures flat.


Decisions are made efficiently; changes are implemented quickly.


Staff enjoy a culture of trust, innovation and scientific rigour.

A great place to work

Green Park, London

Opportunities at GSA


Research at GSA means combining creativity, rigour and attention to detail in the design of systematic trading strategies. The path to success is fraught with many pitfalls, and involves coupling careful testing of trading ideas with a keen instinct to distinguish a genuine market inefficiency from a mere data artefact.

The satisfaction of seeing ideas transform from whiteboard scribbles with colleagues to a live profitable trading model is unparalleled.

Software development

Software development forms a vital component of many aspects of the business at GSA. Ability combined with a passion for technology has allowed our teams to build systems that would never be available off the shelf.

Experience in the financial markets is not a prerequisite; we just want intelligent developers who are excited about working in a team solving complex and challenging problems.

Technology infrastructure

Working to a precision demanded by only a few companies and government agencies around the world, designing and running an ultra high performance global infrastructure requires a different breed of system and network engineer.

The team balances robustness with innovation to produce astonishing results.


Ops at GSA is not to be confused with other financial operation teams. At GSA they are the enablers of many things we do.

Respected and with a broad knowledge across the asset class spectrum, the team represents a linchpin that has a direct impact on our success.


We have some really creative, super-smart people here, all of whom would be embarrassed to be described that way.


It's a friendly, open place where people are motivated because they enjoy what they're doing.

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